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Easy to build yourself.

Flush fitting and completely watertight.

Floor-level shower

A flush-fitting shower tray gives your bathroom a modern design and makes it easy to access the shower area. It is just as easy to install a floor-level shower.

Qboard® liquid offers the right element and correct floor drain for any installation situation. The fall is already integrated and can easily be tiled in the next step.

... and here's how to do it:

Qboard liquid Duschelement einbauen: Schritt 1

Connect the floor drain to the drain pipe and align it height-wise.

Qboard liquid Duschelement einbauen: Schritt 2

Fill in the screed recess with cement based levelling screed and trowel it up to the corresponding height.

Qboard liquid Duschelement einbauen: Schritt 3

Position the shower element onto the entire surface of hardened levelling screed. Use a flexible tile adhesive for this purpose.

Qboard liquid Duschelement einbauen: Schritt 4

Seal all joints with Qboard® sealing tape.

List of Materials

Build a floor-level shower easily with these Qboard® products

  • Qboard® liquid / Qboard® liquid line
  • Qboard® drain system
  • Qboard® sealing tape

Please refer to the list of materials under Downloads for the tools you will need.


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Qboard liquid
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Questions & Answers

Qboard® is waterproof thanks to its XPS core. Only butt joints need to be sealed. Use the Qboard® sealing kit for this.

Alternatively, butt joints can also be sealed with Qboard® sealing tape (or equivalent) using a suitable liquid composite sealant (such as a mineral sealant).

Horizontal drain: approx. 0.8 l/s
Vertical drain: approx. 0.8 l/s


The overall height of the Qboard® liquid shower element including the floor drain depends on the size of the shower element and the drain used. The overall height of a shower element with a horizontal drain is between 110 - 125 mm.

The drain for a shower element with a vertical drain can also be fully sunk into a hole drilled into the concrete surface. Then the installation height will just be 45 or 55 mm (40 or 50 mm shower element + 5 mm bonding mortar).

The exact details of installation heights can be found on the last page of our instructions for use.

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Grundsätzlich können alle Fliesenarten und -größen verwendet werden. In Abhängigkeit von der Fliesengröße und der Fliesendicke sind spezielle Fliesenkleber bzw. Fugenmörtel auszuwählen.


Tile sizeTile thicknessTile adhesiveGrout
> 25 x 25 mm≥ 4 mmstandard tile adhesivestandard grout
≤ 25 x 25 mm≥ 4 mmstandard tile adhesiveepoxy resin grout
≤ 25 x 25 mm< 4 mmepoxy resin tile adhesiveepoxy resin grout


Easily done

Niches built with Qboard construction boards and tiled

This is how Jan B. did it:

Jan conjured up a bathroom out of a box room for his parents using Qboard®. With an extra large shower with a bench.

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