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Bathroom design mady by you

See all our Qboard® DIY references and get inspired for your next bathroom remodel project.


Waschtisch bauen mit Qboard Bauplatten

This is how Jan B. did it:

Jan was able to design and construct his new washstand out of Qboard® so there is a place for everything. Covered in plaster and tiles, the washstand matches the rest of the bathroom perfectly, right down to the colour.



Julian's new bathroom bench:

In his new bathroom Julian built a curved bench in his shower using Qboard®. It has become the highlight of the room.

Befliesbare Sitzbank in der Dusche

Functional and stylish:

Jan liked the square-cut bench better because the tiling was easier.

Wall application

Badezimmerwand mit Fliesen und Putz

Tiles and plaster on the same wall:

Jan doesn't really like floor to ceiling tiles. So he worked with tiles and plaster. The substrate is Qboard® construction boards which he was able to apply his finishes to directly.

Floor application

This is how Henning did it:

Henning was able to level out the unevenness in the bathroom floor in just a few steps using Qboard® to create a level floor surface.


Nischen bauen mit Qboard

Everything within reach:

Jan built in lots of recesses in the new bathroom for shampoo, brushes, towels, toilet paper…
Now everything has its place and is always within easy reach.


Individuelle Badregale selbst bauen

A new structure for Jan's Bathroom:

The partition wall is also a shelving unit, accessible from more than one side.

This is how Jan gave the room a new structure and created lots of storage space at the same time.

Partition walls

Befliesbare Trennwand

This is how Jan did it:

Jan built the partition wall for his shower using Qboard® on metal studwork. It lends the room a totally new structure and also made it possible to incorporate a shelving unit at the same time.

Floor level shower

Nischen bauen mit Qboard

The new highlight of the bathroom:

Jan conjured up a bathroom out of a box room for his parents using Qboard®. With an extra large shower with a bench.

Wc cladding

This is how Jan B. did it:

Cladding the WC wall elements was one of Jan's easiest tasks in his bathroom renovation. The prefabricated Qboard® quick assembly kit made his work a lot easier.

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