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Seating in the bathroom - sit down and enjoy.

For an oasis of wellness at home.


A seat turns your bathroom into something special. Inside or outside the shower enclosure, round or rectangular - it is easy to realise your ideas with Qboard®.  The strong yet flexible material gives you complete freedom to create your own designs.


... and here's how to do it:

Sitzbank für die Dusche bauen mit Qboard: Schritt 1

First build a substructure for the bench using 50 mm thick Qboard® basiq. The components must be the same size so the seat rests firmly on all elements and does not have any cavities.

Sitzbank für die Dusche bauen mit Qboard: Schritt 2

Glue the sawn elements to the wall and floor with Board-Fix at intervals of approx. 35 cm.

Sitzbank für die Dusche bauen mit Qboard: Schritt 3

Glue Qboard® qreative with Board-Fix onto the substructure with the slotted side facing down. For inner radii, the construction board is turned over so that the slotted side faces up.

Sitzbank für die Dusche bauen mit Qboard: Schritt 4

Fasten Qboard® qreative additionally with commercially available universal screws (6 x 120 mm) to the substructure. Level out all butt joints and edges with Qboard® glass-fibre tape here as well.
If building seats in wet areas (e.g. showers), the entire seat must be covered with a suitable liquid composite seal before tiling.

List of Materials

Build a bench easily with these Qboard® products.

  • Qboard® basiq
  • Qboard® qreative
  • Board-Fix
  • Qboard® glass-fibre tape or sealing tape

Please refer to the list of materials under Downloads for the tools you will need.

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Questions & Answers

Any conventional tools: knives, cutters, handsaws, electric jigsaws, electric circular saws or circular table saws. You can use sandpaper for precision work and if you need a hole, then just use a screwdriver.


Easily done

Rounded bench with backrest built of Qboard basiq and qreative

Julian's new bathroom bench:

In his new bathroom Julian built a curved bench in his shower using Qboard®. It has become the highlight of the room.

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