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Plenty of storage space in the bathroom.

Shelf space where it's needed.


Think about recesses and shelf space as soon as you start planning your bathroom renovation. You can integrate them into the walls using Qboard® - at just the height and size you need.

With accent lighting you can then stylishly draw attention to the recesses. It's easier than you think and requires minimal materials.

List of Materials

Build a recess easily with these Qboard® products:

  • Qboard® basiq
  • Board-Fix
  • Qboard® glass-fibre tape or sealing tape

Please refer to the list of materials under Downloads for the tools you will need.

Questions & Answers

The core of the Qboard® consists of extruded polystyrene foam, a synthetic material that is waterproof, thermally insulating, light and very stable. This is coated in a fibreglass fabric and mortar so that tiles and other surface finishes can be applied directly to it. 


Any conventional tools: knives, cutters, handsaws, electric jigsaws, electric circular saws or circular table saws.


Easily done

Niches built with Qboard construction boards and tiled

This is how Jan B. did it:

Jan built in lots of recesses in the new bathroom for shampoo, brushes, towels, toilet paper…
Now everything has its place and is always within easy reach.

Tips & Tricks

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