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Clean edges instead of pipes.

Eye-catching corners.

Pipe cladding

The Qboard® qorner angle element is the solution for quick cladding of pipes in a bathroom. The prefabricated element saves cutting individual boards to size and gluing them and is simply attached to the wall.
Tiles, filler or plaster can then be applied directly to the Qboard® qorner.

... and here's how to do it:

Rohrverkleidung mit Qboard qorner Winkelelement: Schritt 1

Cut Qboard® qorner to the desired length.

Rohrverkleidung mit Qboard qorner Winkelelement: Schritt 2

Qboard® qorner can be used in a vertical as well as horizontal position.

Rohrverkleidung mit Qboard qorner Winkelelement: Schritt 3

Qboard® anchor brackets spaced approximately 80 cm apart are plugged onto the angle element and screwed in place.

Rohrverkleidung mit Qboard qorner Winkelelement: Schritt 4

Alternatively, Qboard® qorner can also be fixed with Board-Fix.

List of Materials

Clad pipes easily with these Qboard® products.:

  • Qboard® qorner
  • Board-Fix or Qboard® anchors

Please refer to the list of materials under Downloads for the tools you will need.

Qboard® qorner
Qboard® qorner
Qboard® glass-fibre tape
Qboard® glass-fibre tape
Qboard® sealing tape
Qboard® sealing tape

Questions & Answers

Any conventional tools: knives, cutters, handsaws, electric jigsaws, electric circular saws or circular table saws. You can use sandpaper for precision work and if you need a hole, then just use a screwdriver.


Yes, surface finishes can be applied directly, such as: tiles, plaster or thin skim/finishing coats of plaster.

Tip: If you use filler or gypsum plaster, a primer will be needed. Follow the recommendations of the filler or gypsum plaster manufacturer.


No, Qboards® are not soundproof.


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