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The right washstand for every bathroom.

Build it yourself instead of searching high and low.


It's always the same: Found a fantastic washbasin quickly, great taps too - but where do I find the perfect washstand to go with them? I won't find one, I'll build one myself.
Round or rectangular, it's easy to make one with Qboard®. All you need is a piece of paper and a pencil for your sketch, you can do the rest with Qboard® construction boards.

... and here's how to do it:

Waschtisch bauen aus Qboard Bauplatten: Schritt 1

Cut Qboard® basiq with a material thickness of 50 mm to the desired dimension. Use Board-Fix to fix the cut elements together.

Waschtisch bauen aus Qboard Bauplatten: Schritt 2

For stabilisation, you can also screw on the side parts. We recommend using commercially available universal screws (6 x 120 mm) for this purpose. The screw heads should be set flush with the surface.

Waschtisch bauen aus Qboard Bauplatten: Schritt 3

Glue and screw together the cover of the washstand as described above.

Waschtisch bauen aus Qboard Bauplatten: Schritt 4

After masking the joints and edges with Qboard® glass-fibre tape,  you can tile or render the washstand and install the washbasin.

List of Materials

Build your washstand easily with these Qboard® products:

  • Qboard® basiq
  • Board-Fix
  • Qboard® glass-fibre tape

Please refer to the list of materials under Downloads for the tools you will need.

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Questions & Answers

Any conventional tools: knives, cutters, handsaws, electric jigsaws, electric circular saws or circular table saws.

You can use sandpaper for precision work and if you need a hole, then just use a screwdriver.


Yes, surface finishes can be applied directly, such as: tiles, plaster or thin skim/finishing coats of plaster.

Tip: If you use filler or gypsum plaster, a primer will be needed. Follow the recommendations of the filler or gypsum plaster manufacturer.


Screws don't stay in place permanently in the foam core. Therefore, larger/heavier objects have to be screwed through the construction boards to a firm subsurface behind them. However, smaller objects (up to about 3 kg) can be fixed directly into Qboard® construction boards using special spiral dowels (such as FID dowels from Fischer).


Easily done

Customised washstand made of Qboard construction boards in the building shell

This is how Jan did it:

Jan was able to design and construct his new washstand out of Qboard® so there is a place for everything. Covered in plaster and tiles, the washstand matches the rest of the bathroom perfectly, right down to the colour.

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